Chicago Action Investors was formed in 2016 by fellow veteran investors Sean Jones and Aaron Vaughn with a combined forty years of experience. Their goal was to show beginner investors a NEW way to do real estate. Most real estate groups and companies CHARGE fees for membership or education, but not us! We form joint venture partnerships and teach new investors how to get involved with no money down real estate investing for free!

Sean Jones

Mr. Sean Jones was born and raised in Chicago where he attended De La Salle Institute and earned a B.S. at Illinois State University. He is currently an Illinois License Real Estate Agent and the Co-Founder of Chicago Action Investors. With over 15 years of real estate investing experience, he has done over 50 rehabs, countless wholesale deals, lease options, and managed 30 rental units throughout his career. Sean has a passion for helping people achieve their Real Estate Goals which is why Chicago Action Investors was created.

Aaron Vaughn

Aaron Vaughn has been involved with real estate investing for over 25 years. He has successfully purchased, flipped and held over 100 units in his career. He started as a landlord purchasing a three-unit building. He quickly realized, after previously paying rent throughout his life, that this was the way to achieve wealth. He held on to the notion of a job and earning a 9-to-5 living up until about 15 years ago. That changed when he was fired from the same job twice! LOL! (that’s another story for another time). It was at that point he decided to take control of his own destiny and get serious about real estate investing full-time.

Personal Message from Co-Founder Aaron Vaughn

“I’ve learned this business through the school of hard knocks. In retrospect, I wish I had done it with a mentor or some guidance. My belief in financial independence through real estate took a hit when we entered the “great recession.” That difficult time period tested my mettle. Going through those challenging times made me wiser, stronger, and more successful than ever before! Co-CEO and my great friend Sean Jones and I decided to form CAI as a way to do more deals and show others that they could accomplish their dreams and goals through real estate!”

If you are serious about learning successful real estate investing from seasoned pros, call us today for more details on how you can get started in no money down real estate investing NOW!

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Action Investors Chicago

We form direct partnerships and provide the resources you need to be successful in the Real Estate market! Want to learn how no money down financing works? We can help! Take a look at our FAQ page and be sure to reach out to CAI if you have any questions.

We also help strategize the best options for greater returns. For example, if the cost of investing is too high in your area, we can help you invest directly in Chicago. The Chicago real estate market is very flexible in comparison to other major cities. With our help, you too can invest in properties with no money down in the Chicago area. With a combination of over 40 years of real estate experience, Chicago Action Investors has the system set in place to help you INVEST!

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