Are you ready to start investing with no money down?
Here are answers to many of the questions you might have:

Q. How can I finance a deal with no money down?
A. With good credit, you can qualify for business and personal lines of credit and installment loans. These do not require any form of down payment.

Q. What is the interest rate of such loans?
A. Interest rates on business and personal lines of credit vary according to the strength of your credit. Some of the loans can have zero interest for up to 18 months and operate similarly to credit cards. Installment loan interest rates may be higher, 10% to 15% or more, due to the increased risk of the lender.

Q. What financial amount am I responsible for?
A. We will provide the sources of funding that will secure you the monies. You are 100% responsible for your contribution towards the project or flip.

Q. What is the process when applying for funding?
A. You will be instructed to go to CREDITCHECKTOTAL or, or any other monitoring service that provides all three Credit report scores. You will then forward those to our designated lending brokers for free analysis. There are no inquiries that will occur during this process. Once funding has been approved, you will sign documentation to allow the loan application processing to move forward.

Q. How much does this cost?
A. The companies that secure funding for you will charge a 15% success fee only AFTER they have secured the funding. For example, if you qualify for $100K, they will be paid $15K from your funding, NOT OUT OF YOUR POCKET.

Q. Why are interest rates so high?
A. Short Term Loans that require no collateral and no down payment are considered higher risk for lenders. Some loans, called State Income Loans, do not have income requirements and therefore have a higher risk factor for a lender.

Q. What does CAI contribute?
A. We provide the source of funding necessary to do No Money Down flips. We provide the infrastructure necessary for the projects. This infrastructure includes but is not limited to construction companies, general contractors, project managers, property locators (realtors), wholesalers and other off market sources. We also provide sources for exit strategies by helping find buyers.

Q. How can I keep track of a flip when I have a full-time job?
A. Our project managers will monitor and supervise the construction companies progress on a daily basis. We will also keep you updated by using Google docs. You can go online and review scheduled rehab pictures and video content. You can also go and physically visit the project site any time that you choose.

Q. What happens after the project is finished?
A. If it is a Flip, we begin showing the project to perspective buyers in our database which includes investors, homebuyers, and members within our own group. We will also list the property for sale on the MLS with our group realtor. If it is a RENTAL property, we will contact our project management services to advertise for rentals such as Section 8. They will also be responsible for maintenance, repairs, pest control, securing the building, and showing the units to prospective renters.

Q. How are profits divided after all expenses are paid?
A. We will share 50/50 in the profits after all expenses are paid.

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