Here are some real success stories from first-time investors who have worked with CAI to realize their real estate investing dreams.
You could be our next success story!

Dhru and Banti Dhas flipped this fire damaged home with no money down!

Al and Heidi Wang flipped this duplex and had it sold midway through their rehab in the middle of winter!

Investor Sean Jones teamed up with newbie investor David Zhang and recently flipped a two-unit building with no money down! David and Sean netted a whopping $36,000 in profit!

It was very challenging and we learned a lot

Dhru Dhas

Chicago Action Investors gave us the resources and ability to pull this off!

Al Wang

I was terrified at the prospect of flipping a property but even more terrified about not taking action!” Says David. “But with the valuable resources, experience, and confidence of Chicago Action Investors, I felt I was in capable hands and they made it happen!

David Zhang

Action Investors Chicago

We form direct partnerships and provide the resources you need to be successful in the Real Estate market! Want to learn how no money down financing works? We can help! Take a look at our FAQ page and be sure to reach out to CAI if you have any questions.

We also help strategize the best options for greater returns. For example, if the cost of investing is too high in your area, we can help you invest directly in Chicago. The Chicago real estate market is very flexible in comparison to other major cities. With our help, you too can invest in properties with no money down in the Chicago area. With a combination of over 40 years of real estate experience, Chicago Action Investors has the system set in place to help you INVEST!

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